Happy Spring! Can you believe it's time for Easter?  I put together 5 tips and must haves for the perfect serving/Bar cart.

(pic of my completed cart below)

Ok...Are you ready, this is good stuff!!!

Tip #1

Napkins, Cups (from Busy bee Gift & Stationary check them out...they have an etsy shop), and Paper Straws (my favorite part of any party).

Tip #2

Something to eat and drink (we did our bar kid friendly, but you could easily change it up a bit for the adults)

I mixed up pink and yellow lemonades and water...(gotta keep the colors matching)


Add a floral arrangement or frest fruit (you can do artificial if you must).  I usually try to have more than one...but one is a must!!!

I added Lemons on top and also a few in a glass jar (see tip #5) on the bottom.


A banner or a swag completes any party. I love this bunny tail I got from Hobby Lobby.

Tip #5

Final step to the perfect serving bar or cart.  Add at least 1 glass piece.  If you have children running around, I suggest acrylic!! 

So here you go...5 steps and tips to the perfect Easter (or any theme) serving cart or bar.

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Have a happy and Blessed day,

Mary-Caroline and the Just For Me Too team